307-2002 Silicon Dry Area Latching Emergency Red

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  • Features:
    • Smooth molded case.
    • Raised colourful Silicon Buttons for Call and Cancel actuation.
    • Large Easily Identified Call Push button with reassurance light.
    • No sharp edges
    • Suits 1 gang vertical wall box
    • Terminal or RJ45 Connection
    • Optional buzzer reassurance
  • • Constructed for Durability and Reliability
    • Complies with AS3811
  • Braille on call button for visually impaired.
  • Backlit for easy of use in the dark.


Dry Area Call Point is a Flush Wall Mount unit. Call Activation is by pressing the Call button.

Upon placing a call, the patient receives visual confirmation via a reassurance LED. Call Points are available in a number of standard colors and labels for use as various levels or alarm.

Dimensions :76mm x 116mm

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