*** NEW RELEASE*** 9300 Pager IP-P9301 VHF White

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The IP-P9301 is the latest release, Thinnest, IP67, Antibacterial, Alphanumeric Pager available on the market.

IP67 rated, washable, anti-bacterial plastic case for use in hospital environments. Thinnest POCSAG Pager in the world. OLED display makes reading the display easy in any environment. Multi chargers available for charging 10 units at one time. RFID available for door/passage entry.




 IP-P9301 VHF White

Product Details

(4 Line / 8 Line IP67 Alphanumeric Pager) VHF (143-151MHz) – White


Ergonomic and functional in design

19 Personal messages, 16 Mail drop messages, each 512 ASCII

8 paging addresses , last 4 addresses can be programmed personal or mail drop

Message receiving time is memorized and displayed together

Dual Frequency – UHF & VHF

Built in RFID available on request

Dimensions 90 x 54 x 8.6 mm


Inbuilt rechargeable battery

5 days battery life with full charge (pending on usage)

Light weight for easy use (50 grams) 


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