IMG 500-1200

500-1200 16 Area RAS, 2-line


The CA111x series of keypads combines advanced remote arming station and keypad functionality, smart card reader (CA1115 and CA1116 only), ease of use, and elegant styling to what is the most visible element of your Challenger system. Available with a 2-line or 4-line LCD display, with easily readable text displaying system programming, alarm and access control functions.

Product Description


16 Area 2 line RAS CA1110

  • Optional built-in proximity card reader
  • Attractive styling to fit any decor
  • Integrated tamper detection
  • Can display custom message when idle such as company name or emergency phone number
  • The 16 area LEDs indicate the status of corresponding areas. On indicates that the area is armed, off is disarmed, and the LED flashes to indicate fault or alarm conditions
  • The text display on 4-line models (CA1111 and CA1116) may be configured for various hyphenation options
  • Customisable beeper tone
  • Easy mounting with rugged metal mounting bracket and multiple conduits for wiring