Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read these Terms and Conditions and understand the conditions of works supplied by KTR Electronics Pty Ltd trading as the KTR Group incorporating GT Jones Communications.

A) Terms and Condition Acceptance Agreement must be completed and returned to our office at 2/27 Bate Close Pakenham Vic 381, Facsimile 1300 669 508 or Email mail@ktr.com.au prior to the commencement of any works. Supply of Goods in on the basis that you automatically accept the following Terms & Conditions.

All of our invoices as of July 1st 2000 are GST Invoices and will include our ABN number. All prices quoted to you exclude GST. You should take your own advice regarding your position under the GST legislation.

All prices are subject to change without notice, excluding fixed sum contracts. Prices quoted do not include federal or state tax charges or impost of any kind and these will be added to prices wherever applicable. All orders will be invoiced at prices in effect on the date of delivery. All orders will incur a delivery charge applicable at the date of delivery (if applicable).

Terms of Payment: Strictly COD on placement of order prior to despatch. (Unless otherwise stated by contract agreements) Collection fees can be charged on all overdue accounts calculated monthly. Payments later than 60 days will automatically incur charges. All accounts overdue at the end of the month will incur a 2.5% interest charge per month until paid in full. No sales tax exemption/credits will be recognized after date of sale. All dishonored cheques will have charges credited to appropriate invoice in the form of payment fee.

KTR Electronics reserves the right to make alterations in design or materials at any time.

Any cancellation by the customer of an order requires KTR Electronics to receive notice of cancellation in writing from the customer within seven (7) days of placing the order and will not be accepted on specially made goods. A minimum service charge will automatically apply.

The ownership of goods to be delivered will only be transferred to the Customer when the Customer has paid to KTR Electronics all that is owing in relation to those goods and services. Until such payment, if the Customer mixes the goods and services sold or if the goods become constituent of any other object K.T.R. shall have ownership of the; mixed goods or services or such other object until the Customer has paid to K.T.R. all that is owing to it. In the event that the Customer sell the goods hereunder either individually or mixed or any other object in which the goods have become constituent it is hereby agreed that the Customer has such goods or objects as agents for KTR Electronics and remains accountable to KTR Electronics unless and until all monies owing to KTR Electronics in relation to those goods have been paid.

The goods and services shall be the risk of the Customer once they leave the premise of KTR Electronics. KTR Electronics shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to goods in transit (whether or not the contract requires KTR Electronics to deliver the goods).

KTR Electronics warrants the quality of its goods and services against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months (hereinafter called “warranty period”) from the date of delivery to the Customer. Any 3rd party works will automatically void all warranties. All physical damage will void all warranties. All warranties will be void until full payment has been made excluding any retention monies.

Goods are not to be returned except with KTR Electronics proper consent and shall be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and in any event no later than thirty (30) days after unless approved by K.T.R. prior to return. A 25% handling charge will apply to returned goods. Specially supplied or manufactured goods will not be accepted for return.

If the Customer / Contractor / Builder:
(a) Fails to pay for the goods and/or services at the times herein before provided for payment or is otherwise in breach of this or any other contract between KTR Electronics. And the Customer;

(b) causes its account to exceed any credit limit allotted to it by KTR Electronics;

(c) Being an individual, is declared or commits an act of bankruptcy, enters into an arrangement or composition with his creditors, signs an authority under Part IX or Part X of the Bankruptcy Act or any execution levied against his property;

(d) Being a corporation suffers the appointment of a controller or administrator, winding up proceedings KTR Electronics may:
i. Terminate or suspend any work it has commenced which is the subject of any other contract for goods and /or services between KTR Electronics. and the customer.
ii. Cancel this contract and any other contracts for goods and/or services aforesaid: iii. Treat this and any other contract or the goods and/or services aforesaid as having been repudiated by the customer: iv. Recover by way of liquidated damages any unpaid sum.

Failure by KTR Electronics to observe the contract arising from causes beyond KTR Electronics control shall not be deemed a breach of the contract.

All contracts for the purchase of goods and/or supply of services from KTR Electronics shall be forecited by the law of the State of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia.

No Waiver, alteration or modification of these terms and conditions whether on the Customer’s purchase order or otherwise shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized officer of KTR Electronics.

Whilst KTR Electronics shall use its best endeavor to suggest suitable products to the Customer, the Customer bears the sole responsibility for selection of products purchased and KTR Electronics shall be under no liability whatsoever for any suggestions made by it. The Customer further acknowledges that no person whether servant or agent of KTR Electronics or otherwise has made or given any guarantee, representation, statement or warranty whether verbally or otherwise which may have induced the Customer to enter into a contract and Customer will not make any claim on KTR Electronics in respect of any consequential damages or losses purportedly flowing from the breach or non-observance of such guarantee, representation, statement or warranty.

KTR Electronics takes no responsibility for goods or services that are unable to be completed within an allocated time if circumstances out of their control delay proceedings. These include supply of goods from manufactures, weather, building site delays etc.

Acceptance of all quotes needs to be in writing and accompanied with signed Terms and Conditions document. A minimum of forty-eight (48) hours’ notice in needed before Commencement of work proceeds. Additional lead times will be required for product orders.

KTR reserves the right to change these conditions occasionally.

By purchasing goods and services by KTR Electronics Pty Ltd you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions.

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