IMG 500-1210

500-1210 Heavy Duty 4 LED Arming Station


The TS0006 is an access control keypad for the Challenger Control Panel. Typically used to authenticate user access to a door, the keypad can easily be used for arming/disarming areas as well.

Challenger access keypads can be connected at a distance of 1.5kms from either the Challenger panel via the RS-485 LAN for simple door control, or via an Intelligent Access Controller for comprehensive access control functionality.

Product Description


Heavy Duty 4 LED Arming Station Metal construction to be mounted on brick & metal Mounting accessories included.


  • PIN code entry for access control
  • PIN code entry to arm/disarm area or system
  • LED indicators
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Robust design
  • Tamper resistant