500-1500 Smart Card Proximity Reader

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The TS0870 series of Smart Card Readers provide secure authentication of users to the Challenger system for intrusion detection and access control.

Unprogrammed smart cards can be used in the default unsecured mode in an IUM Challenger system. In secured mode, a Smart Card Programmer and a special password protects against unauthorised use. Secured mode provides over 268 million combinations of passwords (4 billion passwords if the special high-security option for the Smart Card Programmer is used). Challenger Smart Card Readers can be connected directly to the Challenger panel via the RS-485 LAN for simple door control, or via an Intelligent Access Controller for comprehensive access control functionality.

Challenger Smart Card Readers can be used to operate devices such as photocopiers, drinks dispensers, or lighting, in exchange for programmable user credits.





Tecom Smart Card Proximity Reader TS0870

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