580-1043 TruVision NVR10

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The TruVision NVR 10 (TVN 10) is a cost effective, network video recorder with up to 8 built-in PoE ports designed to support video streams from IP video cameras. With a total of 20/40/80Mbps of total bandwidth available, the NVR 10 can support up to 16 cameras at HD resolution in real-time (25fps) and many other configurations. Refer the data sheet for configuration information.

Flexible bandwidth allocation per channel allows users to maximize recording performance. In addition to browser, software and mobile device management tools, the familiar front panel controls allow for easy operation. IP camera support includes resolutions ranging from standard VGA to 5.0 megapixel, including Interlogix and third-party IP camera manufacturers.

The NVR 10 also supports TruVision encoders for integrating existing analogue cameras. Up to two internal hard disk drives may be configured for a total internal hard drive capacity of 2TB-6TB, making the NVR 10 ideal for megapixel camera applications.Recording options include continuous, motion, and alarm or combined scheduled recording modes.

Motion recording utilises an IP camera’s built-in motion detection events, and alarms can be triggered from any of the four on-board alarm inputs or from alarm inputs that reside on the IP camera.



TruVision NVR 10, 4 channels 4 channel PoE ports, 20 Mbps, 2TB.


  • Up to 8 built-in PoE ports
  • Plug-and-play camera installation
  • Continuous, motion or scheduled recording modes
  • Event recording
  • Fully compatible with TruVision Navigator software
  • Audio recording with capable IP cameras
  • Redundant camera recording or independent storage groups
  • Reverse playback
  • Digital zoom on live and recorded video
  • Watermarking for legal video authentication
  • 20/40/80Mbps for incoming streams
  • Up to 6TB of storage
  • Sub stream for low bandwidth live viewing



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