CarePlus Mobile Staff Duress is a high-impact solution designed to reduce risk and provide accelerated emergency response times for staff in duress. Ideal for aged care and dementia units, hospital and emergency departments, mental health facilities, drug and alcohol units. This device achieves the outcomes recommended by numerous State Government Departments of Health to provide essential protection to staff in the workplace. The duress tag acts as a visual deterrence with discrete activation to alert third parties of the staff member experiencing duress. The easy-to-use tag and scalable wall mounted devices send instant signals for precise room locations by utilising advanced technologies such as Real Time Location System (RTLS) and dual technology Radio Frequency (RF) and Infra-Red (IR). CarePlus has smart, inbuilt software to enable an artificial intelligence to economically commission the system without the need for expensive and specialised technicians. CarePlus Mobile Staff Duress delivers clinical-grade safety 24/7 with tamper-proof devices to safeguard staff and patient confidence in any medical or high-risk environment.

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