Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program

When you want to reduce the risk of failure, improve product enhancements, reduce maintenance and service costs and comply with legislation, a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program is what you need.

KTR offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program which meets all Audit Reporting Criteria and Australian Standards. KTR uses nationally qualified trades people to complete a detailed test of your nurse call system, which is logged, audited and a summary report submitted with outcomes and recommendations.

The Preventative Maintenance Program can be tailored from a basic nurse call test, through to complex high level third party interfaces eg: fire, duress, access control and paging. An initial site audit will take place and log books created, followed on by ½ or 1 yearly site visits depending on your requirements.


Head End Nurse Call Equipment

  • Backup of Head End Equipment
    (1x back up of Maintenance Manager or CEO)
  • Nurse Call Battery Backup Test
  • Clean Equipment

Field Equipment

  • Each Nurse Call Point Tested and Cleaned
  • Each Nurse Call Pendant Tested and Cleaned
  • Each Dome Light Tested
  • Each 3rd Party Interface Tested
    eg: Nurse Call to Paging System


  • Initial Audit
  • Log Book – detailed outline of equipment tested and outcomes
  • Reports – summary of works completed & recommendations
  • Signed Job Sheets


  • Fully comply with all auditing for Nurse Call Systems
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Reduced cost of service
  • In conjunction with your Service Level Agreement, decrease standard service charges
  • Future proofing your site
  • Future development and improvements for budgeting purposes

Site Audit

This once off Initial site audit, includes full test of the ward or site prior to the official preventative maintenance program.
Creation of site specific log books.
Detailed log book on current system status with summary report.


Preventative maintenance program

Head end equipment
Includes, full back up, full test to battery back up

Field Equipment Test

Nurse Call Only
Nurse Call + 2 x third Parties

Typical Structure for an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program for a 2 year period.

Initial Site Audit
Head End Test
Field Equipment Test
Total investment for 2 years

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