300-1001 Desktop style

The Central Contol Module (CCM) is a scalable and modular control unit with embedded software. This type of device is known as an appliance which is similar to a computer server. The appliance runs the CarePlus™ software which is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Medical Device Data System (MDDS) listed.

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Licensed for:

  • Careplus Base software (room controllers/NIM callpoints)
  • BetaBrite or AlphaBrite or BestLite LED Sign Management
  • Date and Time for signs BetaBrite above
  • Nurse allocation (dynamic – standard) Client software GUI
  • Active Alarm Client
  • TAP interface LK-9
  • 5 users/200 contacts
  • Reporting client interface (does not include reporting software) LK-5
  • Reminder message LK-31
  • POCSAG interface


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