421-1040 Alphanumeric Pager

The IP-P9200 Series pager is a rechargeable pager utilizing user replaceable rechargeable batteries. The IP-P9200 pager is a robust, backlit 2 or 4 line pager. Optional charging dock available when the pager is used with rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries do not need to be taken out of the pager to charge. Charging dock points are on the side of the pager making charging of pager simple and easy. It comes with a sturdy pager belt clip/holster and uses AA batteries. The pager is small and compact in design and is very easy to use. Hand programming is available. Battery low voltage and reception warnings. Battery backup for 15 seconds on battery change.

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IP-P9200B (4 Line / 8 Line Alphanumeric Pager) VHF (143-151MHz) Black


  • 19 Personal, 16 mail drop.
  • 8x paging addresses.
  • 4x lines of 20 chars. + 1x line icons OR 2x lines 20 chars + 1x line icons, user selectable.
  • Duplicate message indicator if required.
  • Error message indicator
  • 8x musical tones
  • 4x tone alerts, continuous audible alert, standard alert tone for different function call, emergency alert with fixed alert tone and vibration
  • Built in Vibration alert
  • Typical battery life being 1600-2000 hours (alkaline Batteries)
  • Built in alarm function at certain times
  • Language = English, Farsi, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish
    “OTA” Over The Air functions
  • 512, 1200, 2400 Baud
  • Weight : 135gms (including battery)
  • Size : 80.0L x 54.5W x 23.5H mm without belt
  • clip/holster

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