502-2017 IKEY 1000 (i-Key TX)

Ikey 1000 long range transmitter site code and number range

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  • Long Range Pendant Transmitter & Receiver
    The iKey pendant is a safe and simple way to control access.
  • When a button on the pendant is pressed the tag number and site code are sent securely via RF to the receiver to be decoded.
  • Once decoded, the code is transferred to an access system via the industry standard wiegand protocol.
  • Each button on the pendant has a separate wiegand output on the receiver so that one button could be used for a gate and another for a door.
  • Because each pendant may be uniquely site and code numbered and has to match with the access control system (ACS) they can be easily added or deleted by the ACS – just like a prox card and thus reducing risks of compromised data or duplicate pendants.
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Buttons: 1 dimpled, 1 normal
  • Status: Red LED
  • Battery: 12 Volts/ 23 Amps
  • Optional: Prox compatible with HID, Indala, EM and Keri
  • Smart card technology compatible with iCLASS, Mifare, Tecom
  • Dimension (mm): 54 (L) × 38 (W) × 15 (D)

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