Apollo AL924 VHF Pager

Compact synthesised, hand programmable, 4 line alphanumeric pager with zoom function (zooms 4 line display to 2 lines large characters).

(Non-synthesised Flex version also available)

Available in VHF & UHF Frequencies

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Appollo AL924 Pocsag Alphanumerci Pager


  • Compact pager with 4 line display for 84 Alpha characters.
  • Total capacity: 8150 characters memory for POCSAG.
  • Button programmable.
  • 6 Capcode capacity which can be personal or maildrop with no frame restrictions.
  • Time, date display
  • International date format dd-mm-yy
  • 2,8,16,32 second & continuous personal alert options
  • Nil, beep 1 & 16sec Maildrop options
  • Priority alert over ride
  • 16 sets of memory, eight lockable


  • Ten melodies, four beeper sounds
  • Four alert modes:
  • LCD backlight for easy viewing
  • Alarm function
  • Low Battery indicator and alarm
  • Suitable for Network or Local Area Paging.
  • 12 Month service warranty

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