314-1001 Duress Allocator Plus 2

  • Easy to use and view Code Buttons
  • Easy to use and view Area Buttons
  • Graphical layout options with touch/click areas
  • Fast, accurate, immediate message notification of Code Events, such as, Duress, Fire, Code Red,
  • Can be used for hospital, acute care, aged care, hostel, mental health and commercial applications

Product Data Sheet

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Duress Allocator Plus 2 is a web based touch enabled (device dependent) Ip appliance that provides a very fast, accurate method of producing a call event with two touches or mouse clicks on a screen. The Duress Allocator Plus 2 allows a user to select a Code Button and then an Area Button which will immediately send out a message once this combination is selected. As soon as the area button is pressed, the call event message is sent to a user or response group for action. The message sent can be in the form of text, SMS, paging, email, display, audible or annunciator or any combination of. This product is normally setup on a dedicated touch screen for immediate use by staff on notification of a high priority Code event.

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