304-1001 Entertainment Handset

Easy-to-use patient Entertainment Handset is designed to meet the specific requirements of patients and staff. Providing significant improvements over the existing handsets with durability and improved features. Including a speaker for listening to TV/radio and a convenient group of controls for reading light, TV channel and volume selection. The Nurse Call button has Braille identification and two reassurance lights.

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  • 2 Metre – Entertainment Handset (Standard Config)
  • Raised colourful buttons for nurse call, patient entertainment, and over bed light
  • Large, easily identified nurse call push button with Braille and two colourful reassurance lights
  •  Ergonomic feel, no sharp edges
  • Minimal ingress potential
  • High-impact plastic case and rubber bumper
  • A smooth moulded case designed for single handed operation
  • Durable moulded plug-in cord
  • Liquid resistant Mylar speaker for superior voice intelligibility
  • Audio frequency specifically designed for an ageing ear
  •  An earphone jack and a microphone for patient communication via portable phones

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