307-5021 Nurse Call + Staff Assist

The CarePlus™ multifunction Call Point is a flush wall mount unit with large push buttons for various nurse call stations. There are several colours and labels for different priorities and alarms, and it comes complete with a reassurance light and tone for patient reassurance. The CarePlus™ Call Point has antimicrobial protection / infection control built into the device to reduce risk and spread of infection, bacteria, and superbugs such as MRSA.

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Nurse Call Red + Staff Assist Yellow + Cancel

PATIENT & STAFF STATION/CALL POINT DRY AREA Antimicrobial – with dual priority. More Resilient, Robust and Reliable.


  • Reassurance light (active call light)
  • Raised colourful Call and Cancel buttons
  • Braille on call button
  • Optional audio re assurance
  • Pendant out alarm
  • Various colours and functions
  • Two call priorities per call point
  • Incorporated Auto-sensing Clean Mode
  • A chair or bed pendant can also be attached to the Call Point via the socket point.
  • Large easily identified call push button with reassurance light

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