313-1003 Silicon Pendant

  • 3 mtr lead
  • Single Nurse Call button
  • Mono plug
  • Built in infection control
  • Innovative in function, with special consideration given for infection control
  • Waterproof and dip sterilisable the pendants are rated at Ingress Protection IP68
  • Designed for easy use for arthritic and sight impaired patients
  • Easy to use non slip materials with a moulded case designed for one hand operation

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Product Data Sheet

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313-1003 Single Button Silicon Pendant Mono Plug –  Jack Plug

The KTR Silicon Pendant is a single button mono plug pendan.. It provides the patient with nurse call and enables patients to make a call from the comfort of their bed, armchair or any other position within 3 meters of a fixed call point.

A call is made by pressing the green push button.  The design of the call pendant provides an ergonomic left or right hand grip.

The pendant has a standard mold right angle 6.5mm stereo jack plug. Infection control is a necessity in the healthcare environment so the pendant has been constructed out of anti bacterial materials. It can also be dip sterilised. The Pendant can be submersed in up to 1 meter of water in case of a spillage or to wash the pendant.

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